Would you like this project to be totally free?

If so, it is possible if you order this house to our partner ECOKIT, a timber-structure houses manufacturer.


Once the project downloaded, please communicate to our partners your order ID, and the amount paid for the purchasing of the project will be deducted from the amount paid to purchase the house, in case you decide to work with ECOKIT for the construction.

For more details, please, contact directly ECOKIT www.case-de-lemn.com.


Important: these projects have not been designed to be developed only on wooden structure, so they can be made almost on any construction system (wood, brick, steel structure etc.)

Once you downloaded the project, it is up to you to choose the construction system, and you will need to contact the project architect in order to point out the details of both licensing and execution.


Your project architect will communicate the charges for the remaining elements and stages, which are not included in downloaded packages (ex. water plumbing plans, foundation plans, construction details, etc.), that is whatever is required for the project to be approved and fulfilled.