Simplicity is another feature of a modern house design. A simple contemporary house plan that can be fast and easily built, a plan characterized by the effective distribution of the bedrooms and the optimisation of the relation between them. The white outer finishing and the flat roof are saying the same thing: simple and modern. 

Ground floor
Bedroom -18,43 M2
Bedroom -15,40 M2
Bedroom -15,12 M2
Bathroom -5,50 M2
Bathroom -4,16 M2
Dressing -4,95 M2
Hall -19,07 M2
Kitchen -11 M2
Living + dining -33,01 M2
Storage space/Technical space -5,21 M2
Terrace -23,36 M2
Terrace -16,56 M2
Terrace -15,60 M2