To underline the importance of the natural framework, the architect is proposing a holiday house design allowing the structural wooden elements to remain visible. The use of gabions, contrasting with white light, leads to a holiday house plan ideal for a location surrounded by nature. 

Ground floor
Bedroom -23,10 M2
Bedroom -18,23 M2
Living + kitchen -46,55 M2
Bathroom -6 M2
Bathroom -7,49 M2
Dressing -4,52 M2
Dressing -6,94 M2
Hall -5,56 M2
Entrance -7,51 M2
W.C. -3,24 M2
Closet -4,63 M2
Technical space -4,o8 M2
Closet -4,37 M2
Terrace -39,63 M2