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Whether it be a classical or contemporary, a luxury, holiday, economic or small house plan, they are all here!

A home design plan, what is it good for?

Apparently, it is all so easy. A house plan is nothing but a drawing, a starting point for the whole designing process. Anybody can draw it. Well, almost anyone. But for this drawing to become a house plan, it has to be readable by each and every participant to the construction process. This means that all professional groups to intervene on site should be able to read it and get from the plan… to the house.

The final result, your home, shall be a joint collaboration endeavor between you and your architect or the engineering office in charge of design.

In order to help you through this quite complex effort, like choosing a house plan, you are going to find on this page our collaborators’ best proposals, divided into categories. According to your preferences in terms of finishing details or any other aesthetic or functional aspect, you will be able to modify your home plan under the close guidance of the architect.

Classical or contemporary, luxury or economic house plans. What should I choose?

As far as architecture is concerned, are you contemporary or rather classical type? Do you prefer a luxury home or is it more likely that you choose a cosy economic house? Are you a small family in search of a small home design, or on the contrary, you are a large family who would rather prefer a big holiday house?

After having taken this difficult decision, you enter the selected section: classical houses, contemporary houses, luxury houses, holiday houses, economic houses or small houses. Once you open one of these sections, all the house plans proposed by our architects will be right before your eyes. From now onwards, different criteria will guide you to the final choice, the house plan you have been looking for: you are about to choose, of course together with all the members of your family, between all kinds of outer finishing such as brick or render, white or colored, or between natural, more ecological materials, like timber or stone. The presence of an exposed beam may convince you, in case you are fond of this architectural element. A sloping or terrace roof, a ground-floor or a storey house, a house plan with one or more bedrooms, a garage or an attic, a covered terrace, a pergola or a gabion, here are several elements that may help you take the right decision.