Please, take your time to read and understand this modifications since, if you don’t accept these GC which can be modified from time to time, the plans cannot be downloaded and used.

The further general conditions of sale, still named GENERAL CONDITIONS – abriged SGC – state the contract relationship among all users of the site, still named “Users”,  “You” or “Customers”/“Buyers” and SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd, settled in nr.41, Vasile Alecsandri Street, Bacau, further called “Seller”, contract relation based on buying products/plans and services by means of the website. These general selling conditions are the only ones appropriate and replace any other conditions except for some previously arranged derogations, either orally or written specified. Accessing this site, you agree with the Terms and Conditions stipulated in it. Every purchase on the website is regulated by the terms and conditions which apply at the time of order to the order. By confirming your order without reserve you accept these terms and conditions of sale.




Conditions of sale are being applied to all projects downloaded from the website These general conditions of sale represent the contractual relationship with all users and, and the other sites belonging to SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd.


The object of activity consists in selling online projects, house plans designed exclusively to individuals and not to companies, in the form of .pdf files and .jpeg, downloadable after payment validation by the recipient.


The structure of the .pdf and .jpeg files of the projects is the following:

 THE FILE TYPE “PLAN COMPLETE PDF” format .pdf /.jpeg contains the following elements:

  1. Four perspectives in .jpeg format;
  2. A plan of each level odds (ground floor + first floor);
  3. A section, four facades, the roof covering plan.

THE FILE TYPE “PLAN DWG” contains the following elements:
- Plans levels odds, a section, four facades, roof covering plan, all as amendable format dwg;

- Four perspectives archived in .jpeg format.

All these plans will be downloaded as a ZIP/RAR archive.

After downloading the “COMPLETE PLANS PDF” or “DWG PLANS” variants, access to contact details of the project owner and architect will be possible and you will be able to continue with him the full house project and the achievement of the file for authorization.

The sets of plans downloaded from the contain just what was listed in paragraphs a, b, c above and nothing else. If you want to use these plans for authorization and construction of a residential building, the architect in charge of the project must be contacted and a contract has to be signed. The price of this contract will be negotiated directly by you and the architect which is the owner and author of the project. The value of the already downloaded plans from the will be deducted from the negotiated charge established between you and the architect.


Product prices are shown in Euros and include all taxes.

Prices plans and related services may be changed without notice and sold plans are neither refundable nor exchangeable.

Orders are exclusively placed on the Internet through the site or other affiliated websites. Access to the service is permanently provided except for the periods of maintenance, of updating servers and possible exceptional interruptions in major cases.

Order acceptance is the starting date of contractual relations between SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd and the customer, having as an object the supplying of the ordered service.

Once your payment approved/validated your order will be completed and you will receive a confirmation email. The approval time depends on the payment method used. The vendor is not responsible for delays in approving payments.

The invoice will be sent via email within seven days from the order date.

The vendor reserves his right to cancel or refuse any order from a previous customer with whom he has had a dispute or a payment problem of a previous order.

The information about your order is the subject to automatic data processing techniques which have the aim to define a level of analysis of a transaction and to fight against the credit card fraud.

The vendor is the one who uses your personal details regarding to your order. The Failure of this command data prevents the analysis and the execution of the transaction.

Any false statements or abnormalities cannot constitute a transaction.


Payment for downloading plans will be made by valid bank card through a secure online transaction application provided by LIBRA BANK.
Accepted cards are the ones accepted by the service provider.

Exceptionally, AVENIR CONCEPT can accept bank transfer payment, in this case, the files of the plans and images being sent by email.


All catalog model houses are protected by international legal regulations in the field of copyright.

All plans and photos of the projects on the site PLANSARCHI.COM are the exclusive property of architects collaborators SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd.

According to the provisions of the copyright laws, the total or partial reproduction of projects, modification, distribution or resale is strictly prohibited and punishable. Buying the plan the customer doesn’t have the opportunity to use it for commercial purposes or advertising, which is prohibited.

In the absence of a written contract with the architect owner of the project to regulate the use of plans, the achievement of an application for an authorization of building or of a house doesn’t involve the responsibility of the architect.

The dissemination of any plans or pictures from the catalog purchased by the customer via the Internet is prohibited.

Financial damage produced to the architects of the SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd. will be calculated based on lost sales at that time and the ones estimated in future.


SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd reserves exclusivity in selling plans and pictures in electronic format on the Internet by individuals. The buyers don’t receive exclusivity of the purchased model, so it can always be resold by any other professional or individual, without restrictions related to geographic area.

SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd. is neither the manufacturer, nor a contractor, architect, foreman, technical controller, promoter, developer, self-employed builder; he is not engaged in the category of professionals with specific responsibilities or contracts in construction.

AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd. services are exclusively limited to supplying  architectural project, which is not the execution plan of the house. It is expressly stipulated between the parties that AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd. assumes no responsibility for technical feasibility, legal or administrative execution of the works, which are exclusively the responsibility of the buyer.

The buyer exonerates AVENIR CONCEPT SRL society from any liability related to the design and execution of construction defects or any other non-compliance of the work.

Buying products confers the right of consultation and reproduction for private use of the catalog plans, but it does not confer the right to use these plans on the Internet, since they are the property of architects collaborators to SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd.

Documents downloaded from the website cannot be used as execution plans and cannot be used as documentation for obtaining the

building permit. SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd disclaims any responsibility, as well as the ones of the architects collaborators or employees in case of complaints or disputes related to obtaining the building authorization or any other damages sought, regardless of their reason.

Any action of this type doesn’t make SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd. responsible nor the architects working even in the event of damage, nonconformities, defects of execution, regardless of their reason.

In case of errors in plans made ​​by architects, the latter are directly responsible and AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd. does not take any responsibility in this regard. does not guarantee that the plans provided will meet your demands and that in their use errors may not exist.

SC CONCEPT AVENIR Ltd. or architects are not liable if the products do not meet the user’s needs or if the amount of information provided in the plan is considered inadequate. The user is the only responsible for product selection upon unloading.

WARNING: Using plans downloaded from our sites for house building should be subject to detailed and serious studies about setting the field topographic surveys, studies of resistance structure We mention also that the size of the columns, beams, slab foundation, the basement and the roof must be the object of special studies. According to the present LP customers have the right to use on personal purposes once payment plans purchased by PO. If your payment is not made or if the credit card is declined, your purchase can not be activated.

According to these GCS, entitles your personal use unique, non-exclusive, non-transferable, subject to the limitations described below, and:
a) For a personal consultation and unique content for personal and non-commercial purpose;

b) For personal use, in order to adapt content downloaded plan with your hired  architect for your project;

c) The buyer does not have the right to reproduce the content purchased, regardless of the type of content and its format.

Buyer requested information necessary to process and execute applications is required for improving services that can be offered on site.

SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd is registered in the register of personal data number …

By law you are entitled at any time to access and correct or oppose the use of any personal data about you.

The information will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Law 506/2004 and Law 677/2001 and will be used:

- In order to provide services, including procedure and billing customer orders or requests;

- In order to prevent/detect fraud;

- To carry out marketing studies;

- In any other means permitted by law.

Concerning his personal details, the client has the following rights: to access and response to the processing of justified opposition to not be subject to individual decisions, to go to court under Art. 13 to 18 of Law 677/2001. The client / buyer has the right to object at any time, free of charge and without any justification, if his personal details are being processed for marketing. To exercise these rights, customer/buyer will submit to SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd. written request dated and signed. SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd shall communicate the measures taken/information requested within 15 days of receipt.

The customer/buyer is obliged to inform SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd any change of identification data and contact information no later than 10 days after the operation change. The changes which have not been communicated in accordance with this Article shall not be applied to SC AVENIR CONCEPT Ltd.

Our sites use cookies to record certain information that is stored in memory on the hard disk. We use this information to generate statistics site audience and deliver products in accordance with the items you have already selected during previous visits. These cookies do not contain confidential information about you.

These conditions of sale and prices are expressly agreed and accepted by the customer who declares and acknowledges that has full knowledge about them. Purchase implies acceptance of these SGC.
It is forbidden:
a. to use plans in a different way than that established by these CGV;

b. to use or display the content available on on any other sites (or of any as a service), blogs, forums, social networking;

c. Distribution of plan elements;

d. The sale, rent or construction in any other form of income to the plan purchased professionals so that various activities building, as well as individuals.

e. The content of plans in a manner that competes with. For example, to put this content on a web site that can be downloaded free or paid, or to be included in the prototype (website, documents or other projects) for sale, or social networks like Twitter, and others.

f. to use automated programs, etc.. for downloading content plans.



All clauses of these general conditions of sale and all transactions of sale set forth herein are subject to Romanian law. This contract is subject to Romanian law. The language of this contract is Romanian. In case of dispute with professionals and/or commercial and/or buyers will try to resolve it amicably. If this is not possible, disputes will be resolved by the competent courts across the SC AVENIR CONCEPT SRL.
Any distribution and/or redistribution, free or not, of products downloaded from the PO, or notes that may result from products containing or parts thereof shall be punished according to the law applicable in case of violation intellectual property rights.


If you breach the conditions of this Agreement, has the right to close your account without additional warning or announcement.On closing the account will be exercised all the rights of a legal nature which is in accordance with these SGC. will be exercised and will not be obliged to reimburse the sums paid if your account has been closed as a result of a violation of these terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure you that you have the necessary rights, consent or permission required for use of content obtained. The Architects providing content projects on retain ownership and the right to post their projects on the website.