Luxury Houses

3 bedrooms
3 bedrooms
3 bedrooms

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Luxury does not necessarily consist in the number of square metres, but mainly in the location, construction, architecture, design, and also materials, state-of-the art equipment, and mostly in good taste. The luxury is first of all the opposite of vulgarity.The section dedicated to luxury houses is indeed destined to an upper-middle, well-educated class, and these luxury house plans have been conceived in a large variety of typologies: on one or more stories, with differently colored finishing, all by mixing elements of classical, traditional architectural style with defining elements of the modern, contemporary houses.

If one carefully looks over a luxury house plan , one can mainly see living rooms, dining rooms or kitchens with a view over the main exterior relaxation areas, they contain large spaces destined to lounge or hobbies such as reading rooms or spas.