The shape of this modern house plan shows several setbacks and delineations of the structure. The result: a house design with a spatial planning based on two distinct functional areas: a covered area and one area flooded by air and light, sheltered from the wind. 

Ground floor Floor
Hall -3.22 M2
Bedroom -15.40 M2
Kitchen -15.53 M2
Bathroom -3.60 M2
Living - 22.25 M2
Hall+Stairscase -13.71 M2
Hall -1.83 M2
Bathroom -5.94 M2
Storage space -2.47 M2
Bedroom -12.91 M2
Bathroom -5.27 M2
Balcony -10.50 M2
Hall+Stairscase -13.71 M2
Hall -2.93 M2
Technical space -5.94 M2
Bedroom -15.20 M2
Garage-19.61 M2
Terrace -27.03 M2
Courtyard of light -20.92 M2