A classical modern house design. The outer volumes are represented by a succession of parallelepiped objects, favouring thus the alternative use of white render and wooden coating. A modern house plan emphasizing the principle of complementarity: maximal effects with minimum of materials.

Ground floor Floor
Hall -4.80 M2
Hallway-14.95 M2
Hallway -14.15 M2
Hall -3.00 M2
Kitchen -17.25 M2
Bathroom -6.05 M2
Living -17.35 M2
Bathroom -3.85 M2
Bathroom -7.20 M2
Bedroom -18.30 M2
Technical space -6.05 M2 Dressing -5.35 M2
Bedroom -12.30 M2
Dressing -1.85 M2
Bedroom -14.25 M2