The miscellaneous finishing elements make of this design a really modern one: the rectangle shape volume is divided in two slim elements, symmetric though distinct. Traditional elements come only to complete this real contemporary house plan: the saddle roof receives the solar panels as a hallmark of modernity, and the stone base goes well with the rest of the finishing: wooden, render or glass. 

Ground floor Floor
Garage -17,5 M2
Bathroom -5,8 M2
Technical space -2,5 M2
Bedroom -14,2 M2
Bathroom -2,7 M2
Bedroom -14,4 M2
Living+Kitchen -32, 9 M2
Bedroom -11, 5 M2
Entrance -2,3 M2 Balcony -6,3 M2
Bedroom -13,1 M2
Balcony -2 M2