The front porch is always the hallmark of a classical house design. For this classical house plan, the personality of the home is completed by decorative elements of the roof, by the dormer window lightening the attic, and, last but not least, by the wooden window frames.  

Ground floor Floor
Kitchen -14,20 M2
Bedroom -15 M2
Living -21 M2
Bedroom -14,20 M2
Study -14,62 M2
Bedroom -14,62 M2
Hallway -9,49 M2
Hall -7,62 M2
Entrance -3,89 M2
Bathroom -6,38 M2
Bathroom -5,22 M2
Terrace -6,49 M2
Terrace -6,37 M2 Terrace -6,40 M2