Small houses – huge benefits

„Less is more”.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (architect)

Size matters. The smaller, the better!


“How I would love to have a house! No matter how small. A small white house!” We heard so many expressing like this their most sincere wishes. Something tells me that people having this kind of wishes are the most interested in having a house built and they would do anything to fulfil this beautiful dream…

More than this, after a thorough analysis, we may say that the owners of small, simple houses have also the biggest satisfactions, considering several aspects. Let’s take them one by one…

Efficient small houses through minimalist architecture and the concept of space.



The idea is not brand new, in spite of all modernist elements we may find in a small house concept. Minimalist architecture became quite popular in the late 1980’s in London and New York, where architects and designers worked together to achieve simplicity by using white elements, cold lighting, large space with minimum objects and furniture.

Minimalist architecture simplifies to maximum the living space, thus revealing the essential quality of buildings and conveying simplicity in attitudes towards life. The concept of Zen philosophy and the Japanese traditional design are the main sources of inspiration for the minimalist architecture.

The basic concept of minimalist architecture is to strip everything down to its essential quality in order to achieve simplicity. Ornaments may occur here and there, but any detail is reduced to a stage where no one can remove anything further to improve the design.

In minimalist architecture, all design elements are meant to send a message of simplicity. Basic geometry forms, lack of ornaments, simple materials and repetition of structures, all denoting a sense of order.  The natural light creates clean, simple spaces, this feeling being emphasized by the preference for natural materials.

By these minimalist architecture elements, an architect can easily design a small house to provide in the same time generous space and huge satisfactions!

What is a small house?


According to our partner architects, a perfect house for a family with two children has a usable area of about 100 or 120 m². On our portal, in the special section of the small houses, you can find a wide range of designs, all between 53 and 140 m².

Most of the designs proposed by us have a porch or a terrace, a very important element to be taken into account when choosing a small house design. This passing or transit elements make the connection between the outside and the inside of a home, and it is essential that they are included in the design, in order to avoid building extra costs and the trouble of building yourself one later.


Last but not least, let’s not forget about the most important benefit of a small house design, meaning the small bills when it comes to heating, cooling, electricity or any other expenses. The smaller the house, higher the savings!


Until next time, when we are going to discuss holiday houses, we wish you a wonderful week! team


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