Luxury concept. Luxury real estate. Luxury houses

„Le superflu, chose très nécessaire” (Voltaire, Le Mondain, 1736)


The concept of luxury refers mainly to a lifestyle marked by sumptuous refinement, often close to ostentation. Luxury is the opposite par excellence of strict necessity.

In economic terms, a luxury product is a product of exceptional quality, refined, very expensive, and first of all rare to find, although lately the luxury market boundaries are less and less clear, following the large number of companies trading this type of products.

Luxury today. Perspectives


Generally speaking, luxury is not presented in one simple shape or realization; luxury is more in tune with exuberance and is naturally associated with wealth and prosperity, with pleasure and relaxation, rather than profit.

Luxury can find a fitting place in any domain where pleasure is important. It fosters creativity and technological innovation, it stimulates different areas of activity that can transmit to the “consumer” the feeling that he enjoys a certain affluence and taste.

A luxury products stands above all for a hallmark of quality. The buyer knows that he pays the price of the “state-of-the-art” know-how and skills in any domain, and he is ready to pay for the quality of such a product.

There are today three main tendencies within the luxury products market: globalisation, consolidation, and diversification.

Luxury real estate. Luxury houses


The defining hallmarks of a luxury house may vary across countries, but the common element is the position, the main responsible for the value of the property, especially in terms of the view offered to the owners.

A house facing the sea or a beautiful landscape may become a luxury home. The comfort provided by a neighbouring golf court, a very good school district or of a trendy commercial centre is a main feature in the luxury real estate market.

Apart from the outstanding quality of the actual construction, finishing materials and unique architectural design, a luxury house is also made by the quality of life provided by the vicinity. The absence of criminality is essential, like remoteness from industrial areas or unwanted commerce.

A customized design often denotes a luxury home, just like its historical or architectural significance.

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