The architect and the building permit

The architect and the building permit

Today we are going to emphasize several elements about the role of the architect for the building permit application and its importance within this entire approach.

The role of the architect within the building permit application

It is not too difficult for anyone to imagine the huge amount of paperwork required by the application file that will finally get us to the building permit. Planning permission, ground site plan, ground level layout, cross sections, facades and roofing plans, together with graphic documents, photographs and maps. Let’s not forget the architectural design!

It seems like an obvious thing, even for the layman, that the key document in this application file is the architectural design. And this because it requires the work of an architect, who must be registered at the Architects Registration Board (this in the United Kingdom, or at the correspondent organization in each country).

How important is the architectural design within the building permit application file

Why is the architectural design necessary? Why is it mandatory to refer to an architect?

Above all, for you, as the future owner, it is essential to build the house of your dreams, a house that entirely matches your life style and your tastes. What you need is not a simple drawing, but a house plan that, once brought to life, may become for you the “home, sweet home”. Therefore, the most important role of an architect is to listen to your needs, to be responsive to your feed-back.

Based on your specific requirements, on your particular needs, on your way of living, or on your intentions with regard to the family planning for the days to come, the architect shall set out the house design that best suits your needs.

When choosing an architectural design, you have to take into account the surrounding environment your house will be built in: orientation with respect to the points of the compass, the degree of opening towards the neighbouring properties, the harmonious integration into the environment, setting-up the access roads and layout the walking tracks, the choice of an architectural composition adequate for the technologies you may need, and of the finishing materials you may consider appropriate.

Within this context, the architect id the professional that is going to be your guide with regard to spatial planning: from large-scale planning, that is territorial and landscape, to detail planning. The architectural design, through the drawing, namely plans, sections, facades, perspectives, details, the one to define the composition, the set-up and the expression of the volumes, the choice of materials and colors.

When you know exactly what you want, you may easily choose a predefined house design on the portal, and any subsequent modification shall be made together with the architect of the design of your choice. Thus, the way from the house of your dreams to the real house in your courtyard is going to be much shorter!

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