Holiday home design. Types and characteristics

Among all types of house designs available on our portal, those under “holiday houses” section seem to be the most attractive, simply because, by name and particular design, they introduce us to the atmosphere of the most beautiful season of the year: holiday! No matter if it is summer, winter, spring or fall, holiday is the most wonderful time of the year!

Characteristics and advantages


The concept of holiday home or vacation property refers to accommodation used for holiday vacations. They may be small homes, such as cottages, or a second home, but in the same time they may be normal residential houses, with all characteristics and facilities of a permanent home, just like in our case: the designs proposed on our portal under “holiday houses” section.

With regard to the relation owner/user, there are also several types of holiday homes. The house may be on rental for vacationers, who may rent the whole house or only a few rooms. The second case is the one where the owners keep the house for themselves and use it as a second residence and spend here the holidays and/or week-ends, or whenever they feel like it. There is a third situation, when the owners live permanently in the house and rent occasionally a few rooms especially designed for tourists.

Distinct types


According to the place they are built in, and to the type of tourism in that region, holiday houses may be:

  • Beach house. Obviously, they are houses built on or near a beach, or within a seaside resort, used as a vacation/second home or rental home for the summer season. The building materials vary widely around the world according to region climate. Beach houses are often associated with specific seaside gardens, with exotic plants and especially designed for rest and relaxation.
  • Log house. We must underline the clear distinction between a log cabin, which is not a permanent house, used during holidays seasons and week-ends, with a simple structure, less sophisticated architecture, and somewhat less finished, and a permanent log house, finished and carefully designed. They are both specific to mountain regions.
  • Holiday villa. Widely spreading Western Europe and North America, also known as vacation rental in the US, they are in fact rentals or detached houses in warm climate areas.
  • Summer house. This term is traditionally referred to a house used for relaxation in warm weather regions. Summer houses often take the form of a small, roofed building, on the same land of a larger one, but it could also be built in a garden or a park and designed to provide cool shady places of relaxation or retreat from the summer heat. They may also be second homes, located in the country, as a vacation property. Especially in Scandinavia, the term sommerhus is applied to summer residences used as holiday properties, which are in fact a proper second residence, not just a shelter.

Recently, the popularity and, consequently, the cost of these summer houses increased considerably, particularly in Denmark’s seaside resorts, but also in Sweden and Norway.

      A-frame houses. Just as the name says, A-frame houses is an architectural design featuring a roofline with two steep angle sides going down near the foundation line and meeting at the top in the shape of the letter A.

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