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Architects’ Encounter

Architecture is not merely the art of compliance with building regulation, but also an identity and cultural sign. The expression of people’s culture. Therefore, we can speak of the architecture of a region, of a territory, of a country. If we take United Kingdom as an example, one can easily distinguish between old, classical or modern and contemporary styles, from Roman, Anglo-Saxon or Norman, through English Renaissance with its Tudor, English Baroque, or Queen Anne style, up to contemporary neo-classical houses.

The final result of a construction project is in fact an extremely thorough and complicated process, involving numerous participants. The authorization process is all about town-planning certificate, all sorts of authorizations, and certain regulations specific to each construction design. To put it in a nutshell, papers buried in a file. Eventually, it is the work of the architect that meets the eye.

The building permit is rarely issued according to aesthetic architectural criteria. Consequently, it is often difficult to find a house design to match one’s own good taste and aesthetic skills, to find a classical or modern house plan created by committed, experienced and dedicated architects.

All these architects are out there, there is no doubt about it. However, for their work to be visible, it is important that they make themselves heard. In architectural language, this means to be seen. We, the editors of this blog, made this idea a starting point for a new adventure. You will find here small and large house designs, classical or traditional house designs, up to modern and contemporary house designs. Luxury house plans will be here too! All these house designs are signed by architects with different personalities and styles, and, most Important, coming from different regions, counties or even countries.

We are starting this journey here and now, and we are going to meet you all here every week, to share with you from their ideas and opinions.

Until next week, we wish you all the best!

Sincerely yours – Plans-archi team

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