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Vernacular architecture

„Architecture is the work of nations”. John Ruskin (English art critic) Community architecture. Natural as a cultural form. Memory of the native place.   According to its definition, vernacular architecture is an architectural style mainly based on local needs, construction... View More More icon

Sustainable architecture

„We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”. Winston Churchill   Ecological design   Sustainable architecture has as main goal to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings, mainly by energy efficiency and by the judicious choice and use of... View More More icon

Luxury concept. Luxury real estate. Luxury houses

„Le superflu, chose très nécessaire” (Voltaire, Le Mondain, 1736) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The concept of luxury refers mainly to a lifestyle marked by sumptuous refinement, often close to ostentation.... View More More icon

Holiday home design. Types and characteristics

Among all types of house designs available on our portal, those under “holiday houses” section seem to be the most attractive, simply because, by name and particular design, they introduce us to the atmosphere of the most beautiful season of the year: holiday! No matter if it is summer, winter,... View More More icon

Small houses – huge benefits

„Less is more”. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (architect) Size matters. The smaller, the better!   “How I would love to have a house! No matter how small. A small white house!” We heard so many expressing like this their most sincere wishes. Something tells me that people having... View More More icon

Classical houses. Classicism in architecture

„Classicism becomes avant-garde when everyone else is doing their utmost to develop new stylistic forms. I think it's healthy to return to classical forms”. Michael Haneke (Austrian director) Origins, characteristics and perspectives of classicism in architecture   By... View More More icon

Modern houses. Modernism in architecture

Architecture is the thoughtful making of space”. Louis Khan (American architect) Modern architecture At the beginning of the twentieth century, a number of architects all over the world began developing solutions to integrate the new achievements of the technological revolution within... View More More icon

The architect and the building permit

The architect and the building permit Today we are going to emphasize several elements about the role of the architect for the building permit application and its importance within this entire approach. The role of the architect within the building permit application It is not too... View More More icon
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Architects’ Encounter

Architecture is not merely the art of compliance with building regulation, but also an identity and cultural sign. The expression of people's culture. Therefore, we can speak of the architecture of a region, of a territory, of a country. If we take United Kingdom as an example, one can easily... View More More icon